Apple set to release three new iPhones

Ming-Chi Kuo's most recent predictions foresees the firm releasing two 5G-enabled phones in 2020


Apple is intending to release three new iPhones during the second half of 2020, according to a research note obtained by MacRumors penned by respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The new phones are expected to be made up of two high-end 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch models and a lower-end 6.1-inch product, all with an OLED display. Kuo has said that the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch phones will be 5G-enabled, and the lower-end iPhone will support up to LTE.

"We expect that the power amplifier usage of each 5G iPhone will be 200% more than the current number for iPhone models," wrote Kuo. "Sole suppliers, including Broadcom (designer) and Win-semi (manufacturer), are the significant winners in this case."

Qualcomm is expected to be the primary supplier of the 5G modems after the two companies ceased their two year-long legal battle in April and entered a "multiyear chipset supply agreement".

Kuo also said that he believed all new iPhones would support 5G from 2021 onward and that Apple will have developed its own 5G modem by 2022–23, thereby reducing its reliance on Qualcomm.

The established analyst is known for making remarkably accurate forecasts about Apple's future products. In November, he predicted that Apple would cut back on its iPhone production, a prophecy that came true in January this year. He recently predicted that the firm would begin production of AR glasses by the end of the year, as well as prophesying that the long-awaited Apple car will be launched in 2023

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