The Rise Of On-demand Apps During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Because of social distancing, many people are not coming out of their houses, which in turn leads them to use services provided by on-demand apps.


Coronavirus, a global pandemic, is rising every day and causing a global economic downfall. The situation is grave right now and everyone is trying to find an escape from it as soon as possible. This pandemic has taken a lot of life and continues to cause sheer panic and distress.

Not only this, but the  global crisis has also disrupted businesses.

While some industries and companies are facing huge losses and debts, there are other industries there are seeing a major gain in revenue and profit that they never imagined. The demand for goods and services has increased and there is a skyrocketing growth seen in on-demand apps. The very first question that needs to be answered is, what does this term actually mean? Well, don’t worry. Here’s your answer.

What Are On-Demand Apps?

In simpler terms, on-demand apps refer to the mobility solutions that enable users to get access to any service across the business world in real-time at their doorstep or physical location.

Their services include on-demand food delivery, on-demand laundry, on-demand grocery services, on-demand rentals services, on-demand beauty services, on-demand ATM services, and more.

In short, this term means that you can get your hands on a provider for any service that you need at your disposal.

These applications, with a comprehensive list of features like tracking, creating a wish list, a suitable payment service, multiple bookings, ability to give reviews, and more, are already making a difference in the market. However, their market growth during the novel coronavirus outbreak is higher than ever expected.

How Are On-Demand Apps Rising

It’s simple; people are looking for services that will help them lead a peaceful life during the COVID-19 outbreak, and on-demand apps have been focusing on this for a long time now.

1) Social distancing and lockdown

It is quite obvious that governments are promoting social distancing as one of the quivers in the arrow to tackle this virus. But because of social distancing, many people are not coming out of their houses, which in turn leads them to use services provided by the on-demand app. Seen logically, it is not a bad idea at all. Everyone is trying to understand things and start a new way of life, and these apps are only here to make this era more convenient.

2) Contactless payment and delivery options

These apps have payment options available within the app, which makes it extremely easy for the user to just pay virtually through their account. This leads to two important characteristics: there is no physical exchange of money,  promoting zero contact; and people don’t have to rush to ATMs to take money out of their accounts.

3) Instant service

It’s not a lie, actually. On-demand apps have been successfully delivering services very quickly compared with other apps, which has earned them a huge customer base. It's not only about instant gratification, but also about trust that these apps have been able to build through their sincere services.

These apps are serving the basic needs of people. Needs that are important and cannot be compromised at any cost. These apps are building customers by introducing various other features. For example, food delivery apps are  introducing "no contact" delivery options and they are ensuring that the restaurant that you are ordering your food from matches WHO cleanliness guidelines perfectly. Grocery apps are helping people in buying basic essential stuff that can at least allow people to cook a proper meal.

What Actions Are Being Taken By These On-Demand Apps?

  • a) Contactless deliveries in action
  • This feature is allowing people to rely on these apps and ensure that no contact is maintained between the delivery person and users.
  • b) Different delivery modes
  • These apps are also introducing drone delivery in various suitable places and are providing attractive offers to customers so they can have a sigh of relief.
  • c) Understanding customer behavior
  • A meticulous plan is being met by these apps every day to meet the new demands of their customers while trying to understand their behavior through artificial intelligence or other reliable technologies.
  • d) Collaborating with local businesses
  • Local businesses are helping to bridge the gap between supply and demand. These businesses are also able to restock products at a very fast pace.

Can An On-Demand App Leverage Your Business?

The answer is yes, it can. Before diving in, it is advised that you hire the best on-demand app development companies. And ultimately, get better outcomes.

Let’s see how this service can benefit you.

  • 1) Apps that are used by users for their convenience are highly in demand and when you choose these services, you know that you will be developing the desired ROI for your business which in turn will keep your employees happy too. For example, on-demand video conferencing apps like Zoom are making it possible to interact with multiple people at the same time without any problem. And such service provided by zoom has led this company to become successful.
  • 2) You will be able to know your audience better because you have all their data like email address, phone number, their interests and preferences which will be a benefit for your business. Not only this but these services are also allowing local businesses to flourish like online grocery stores are taking the help of the local retailers to get groceries from them which is profiting all three parties which is- local stores, online apps, and ultimately people using this service.
  • 3) On-demand apps bring a lot of customer satisfaction as the user is able to select the same services and providers every time they require something.

If you are thinking about creating an on-demand app then now is the right time as customers are always on a hunt to look for reliable services all organized in one place.

A quarantined lifestyle has taught people a lot and has become a way of life. These on-demand apps have replaced stores and brought people to a virtual world that is widely being adopted at this point in time and in the coming future too. These apps facilitate customers’ needs and wants and pave their way out completely.

In a nutshell

On-demand apps have the capability of changing your businessand harnessing profits for you as well as your consumers. This service will continue to increase in the coming future as well because the world will highly be unpredictable in terms of an emergency. And on-demand app development companies are more likely to see a growth in terms of demand for on-demand apps.

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