Big Data Innovation, Issue 12

We look at Big Data education in the redesigned layout of the magazine


Welcome to this issue of Big Data Innovation.

The first thing you will have probably noticed when seeing the cover of this issue is that we have been busy redesigning the layout of the magazine from back to front. We have made it more visually exciting as well as more compact, meaning that even more information is packed into a smaller space.

We have also been working on a new website for the magazine, which will work off our overall channels sites. If you want to see the new channels sites have a look at The full site for the magazine will be ready in the next few weeks, but the channels do currently offer some of the best content on Big Data that we produce.

This issue is dedicated to Big Data in education, something that is especially pertinent given that many will be starting new school years this month.

We discuss data use throughout the education system, from the youngest to university graduates, as well as the ways in which it is being taught and how it could be used to fill the current skills shortage.

In addition to this Dean Mayers talks to us about the importance of storytelling in data visualization. We also look at a new app that is helping the electorate to keep track of what their elected representatives are doing.

Simon Barton also takes us through the pros and cons of a ‘safe route’ app, that uses data to plot a safe walk home.

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