Big Data Innovation, Issue 2

In this issue we discuss, sports, healthcare and various data trends


Welcome to this issue of Big Data Innovation.

The pace of growth in big data has not relented as we have moved further into 2013, and predictions that growth would slow seem to have been wide of the mark.

This is great, because all of us here still think that this is one of the fastest growing and innovative industries to be a part of.

In this issue we discuss the ways in which big data could change in the future, with a special editorial discussing various possibilities in addition to Chris Towers looking at the role that quantum computing may play in the future of data collection and analysis.

Tom Deutsch also gives us an in depth industry perspective on how the perceived skills gap is affecting the industry. Randy Bean and Paul Barth also release the findings from their recent big data survey.

With Big Data moving increasingly into varied usages, Damien Demaj also breaks down the data he collected using Spatio-Temporal collection during the Andy Murray and Roger Federer gold medal match during the olympics.

All this plus an interview with Simon Thompson make this a great edition.

We hope you enjoy this issue and if you like it, share it!


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