Big Data Innovation, Issue 3

This issue looks at the NSA Scandal of 2013 and the history of Big Data


Welcome to this issue of Big Data Innovation.

Since the last issue, not only have we seen a revamp in the look of the magazine, but we have also seen a huge increase in the significance of big data and the implications that it has on every one of us.

Chief amongst these is the news of the various data mining techniques (whether legal or otherwise) used by the NSA. The use of several important data softwares in this could spell trouble for our future use of data. David Barton looks at the kinds of effects that this may have.

We also have a chat with Chris Gobby, who took charge of the mobile data at EE during one of the biggest data integrations in telecommunications when T-Mobile and Orange combined.

Gil Press gives us an insight into the history of big data from its first inception to the current usage and data needs.

As we see more and more data being created Patrick Husting talks us through how to mae sense of the chaos.

I hope that you enjoy this issue. We have some great insight from a selection of the keenest minds currently working in Big Data.

If you are interested in getting involved in the magazine please get in contact, we are nothing without our readers and the more we can get you involved the more we can create the best magazine for you.

George Hill

Chief Editor


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