Big Data Innovation, Issue 4

We take a look at how big data teams are built as well as discussing education in data


Welcome to this issue of Big Data Innovation, whether you are reading the printed version or online, we hope you enjoy this edition as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

With growing appreciation of the benefits of Big Data, its popularity is only going to increase, and we hope the skills gap that organizations suffer from will shrink and eventually close completely.

In this issue we have worked with the sharpest minds currently working in Big Data. We wanted to know their thoughts on the industry and how it will look in the future.

We speak to Sean Murphy, Pamela Peele, Gregory Shapiro-Piatesky and Kirk Borne about their thoughts. Each have their own thoughts and experiences to draw on and give a unique and interesting perspective on how we can get round the gap currently affecting the industry.

In addition to this, we also talk to Andrew Claster about his experiences using big data in the Obama re-election campaign.

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