Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 3

This issue investigates gamification, HP's strategy and much more


Hello and welcome to this issue of the Chief Strategy Officer Magazine.

This is the first issue of the magazine that we have printed so I hope that you find it as good as the online version.

We have received some brilliant feedback from the first few issues and I hope that this issue lives up to the high standards that have been set with the others.

In this edition we have David Barton looking at the process of gamification and the ways in which companies are utilising it to learn more about their customers and employees.

Yulia Ivanova follows up her great article on content marketing with a piece about long tail vs niche and the pros and cons of both approaches for retailers.

We also speak to Keith McKluskey, the Senior Director of Online Strategy at Harvard Business school about his presentation at the digital strategy innovation summit in San Francisco.

These plus many more articles make this an issue packed full of insight and strategic thinking.


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