Chief Innovation Officer Magazine, Issue 1

We are proud to bring you the first issue of Chief Innovation Officer


Welcome to the first issue of Chief Innovation Officer.

We are very excited to be able to bring you this brand new magazine at a very exciting time for corporate innovation and CINOs in general.

More companies are adopting Chief Innovation Officersevery day and we wanted to bring you stories from some of the most important and influential CINOs in the world today. This is why the magazine and websites were created, to spread new ideas within innovation as a business function.

With Innovation Enterprise running the best known Chief Innovation Officer summits in the world, we have unique access to the keenest minds currently working at the top of the function. This issue is testament to that; we have brought together some of the most revolutionary and powerful companies in the world to discuss their innovation programmes. We hear from Coca Cola, Airbus and General Motors as well as many others in this issue, each looking at different elements of innovation within their companies.

We hope you enjoy the magazine, it has been created to help spread new ideas within innovation and Chief Innovation Officers, so if you have any feedback please get in touch with me at

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