Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 6

Where we look at how companies are implementing new strategies


Welcome to this edition of Chief Strategy Officer.

In this magazine one thing that we are always looking for are the new ways that people are implementing and conceptualising strategies. Whether this is a new way of looking at things or an original way of incubating innovation.

This edition takes a look at how companies are doing both. We look at GAP and how they are using new approaches to create innovation within the company and how their Dean of Innovation, Michael Perman, is using new techniques to approach innovation.

The use of social media and analytics in formulating strategy is also investigated and we look at two case studies of how this is being used in both TV and music to identify new opportunities.

Helena Macadam also uses her knowledge of the role of Chief Innovation Officers to decipher the role that this new position has to play in modern companies.

As well as this, Tom Penney, CEO at Social Kemistri looks at how companies are approaching their marketing and PR strategies and whether

this is being approached as more Draper or Drucker.

Simon Barton also looks at how companies are implementing ethical strategies for more than just PR credit and how this can give genuine positive impact on bottom lines.

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