Big Data Innovation, Issue 9

Where we looked at the ways that data is being used to save the world


Welcome to this issue of Big Data Innovation.

During the past few years, the major developments in Big Data have revolved around the growth in revenue and the increased understanding of customer behaviour. The idea being that Big Data is predominantly a business activity, designed to improve the performance of a company.

In reality, the scope for Big Data improvements go well beyond those remits and have a wider societal potential. In this issue we are looking at the ways in which Big Data is being used to help with these aspects. In essence, we are looking at the ways that Big Data is saving the world.

We look at how Big Data is being used to help in animal conservation, with the partnership between HP and Conservation International now beginning to show results, Chris Towers investigates how this is helping animal populations.

With the level of destruction that civil wars and natural disasters can cause, Simon Barton looks at how those aiming to bring aid are utilising data to make their work more effective.

The use of data and analytics in policing has been well reported, but is it all going to be minority report or is there more to it than that? We investigate the wider uses of data in international policing.

NYFD is the second largest fire department in the world, we take a look at how they are utilising new data in order to improve their performance and keep New York as safe as possible.

In addition to these stories, we also talk to Gregory Shapiro, one of the faces of the data revolution and Editor at KDNuggets, about data privacy. Harriet Connolly also looks at the infamous hack of Target where over 110 million pieces of customer data was revealed.

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