Chief Innovation Officer, Issue 4

Where we look at the viability of Uber in China


Welcome to the fourth edition of Chief Innovation Officer.

There have been some exciting technological advances over the last couple of months and in this instalment of CINO we are going to look at a number of them.

Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, plays an important role in The People’s Operator (TPO), a socially responsible mobile operator, and we see why its subscriber count is increasing and what this means for the charities it serves.

Although the Google Glass remains an important technological breakthrough, it wasn’t a commercial success. With Microsoft’s Hololens set to be released this summer, we investigate the impact this will have on the value of the Augmented and Virtual Reality spaces.

Uber has transformed the way people move around cities. Although it’s a dominant force in New York, London and San Francisco, it has stiff competition in the Chinese market. Kuadi Didi has been backed by many Asian media outlets to out-do Uber, and in this article Lin Duan examines what they can do to rise above the competition.

As of 2015, 44% of Americans have a tablet and 64% own a smartphone, Rebecca Thompson explores whether now is the time for Telehealth to start having an impact on healthcare.

In addition to this, we will also hear from Luis Solis, CINO at Imaginatik. In this article he will examine how innovation can be implemented and the importance of ‘doing’ innovation, not just planning it.

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Simon Barton
Managing Editor


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