Chief Strategy Officer Magazine, Issue 9

Where we looked at high tech strategies at Samsung, Skype and Twitter


Welcome to this edition of Chief Strategy Officer.

We are increasingly seeing high tech and online companies hitting headlines for innovative strategies and products. In this issue we are looking at the ways in which companies are either utilising new technologies or how technology companies are aligning themselves.

With both people and companies now increasingly living their lives online and through technology, company strategies are evolving that reflect that. Be it through the use of microblogging sites like Twitter or by keeping in contact with people wherever they are in the world through Skype.

This is why we wanted to discuss both of these companies in relation to the impact that they are having on our society today. We are lucky enough to have a contribution from Yuval Dvir, Global Head of Business Transformation at Skype discussing the company culture. In addition to this we have a report on the presentation from Josh Grau, Director, Brand Strategy, EMEA, at Twitter given at the Chief Strategy Officer Summit in London.

We also look at how Cancer Research is creating strategies to beat cancer, how Sky News manages to keep churning out stories 24 hours-a-day and what Samsung are doing to create a culture of innovation.

There is also an interview with Theresa Austin, Senior Strategic Program Manager at Net-A-Porter, who discusses the success of the high fashion online retailer. This is in addition to Phil Rist, who gives us an insight into utilising Big Data using Sun Tzu’s famous art of war.

We are also looking for new contributors, if you feel that you have a new idea that you want to spread, please get in contact at


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