FP&A Innovation Magazine, Issue 2

Where we talked about model governance, crowdsourcing and sustainability


Welcome to this issue of FP&A Innovation.

The aim of this magazine is to spread new ideas and insights into this vital business function. As we are seeing an increase in the amount of data that FP&A professionals can draw on and improvements in technology every day, this kind of publication is going to be vital to keep up-to-date with all of the latest issues.

In this edition we explore how Shyam Desigan, CFO at the AAPA, views the qualities that make a good CFO and how technology can play a part.

We examine whether crowdsourcing can be used for investments beyond startups and creative projects.

Emma Flanagan looks at how the telecoms industry is improving it’s forecast accuracy by using new technology and techniques.

We look at how sustainability reporting is worth far more to a company than a simple PR exercise.

Art Lorenz describes how he has managed to implement new FP&A practices at a highly decentralised company, Hunter Douglas.

How important is model governance? Moez Hababou believes that it should have more prominence in the minds of FP&A professionals.

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