FP&A Innovation, Issue 6

Where we talk about the importance of sustainability in finance


Welcome to the sixth edition of FP&A Innovation.

The last edition of the magazine was a great success, and we’re really grateful for the feedback it received across social media.

Covering a wide array of different topics, including the impact of data science and the importance of sustainability, this month’s edition has a varied theme.

P.J Simmons looks at the importance of sustainability to the CFO’s role and how recent events, including the California water crisis, can have a substantial impact on the balance sheet.

In addition to this, I explore how finance departments can incorporate data science into their processes, and how CFOs can use data to improve their teams.

The skills gap present in the finance industry is much discussed and in this month’s edition Aaron Fraser examines the role that organizations should take in order to bridge this gap.

The end of the financial year is the most stressful time for accountants and Emma Taylor looks at four ways finance departments can make the process run that little bit smoother.

As always, if you are interested in contributing or have any feedback on the magazine, please contact me at jovenden@theiegroup.com

James Ovenden Managing Editor


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