Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 1

Where we talked to Darren Roberts, Head Of Performance From Redbull


A couple of years ago I was listening to a fantastic presentation from Marco Cardinale, the head of analytics at the British Olympic Association. During this presentation I realized that I hadn’t really heard about this level of analytics being used elsewhere in sport.

I did some more research and found that it was being used but had not reached the mainstream. Sports analytics were spreading.

Fast forward to September 2012 and I sat in a room of around 200 senior sports analysts and I realized that this was something that had really expanded. It needed somewhere to learn about new techniques and hear what peers in the same industry were doing.

So this magazine was born, with the sole purpose of the spreading new sports analytics, technology and training ideas.

I wanted to create a publication that is more approachable than traditional academic papers, but which also gives people the same kind of insight and cutting edge information that you want to hear to push the industry forward.

I want to create a publication where peers are sharing new ideas in an approachable way. If you have any feedback or you are interested in writing an article, then please let me know. 


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