Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 11

Where we looked at the European soccer transfer window through data


Welcome to Issue 11 of Sports Performance & Tech Magazine.

Firstly we would like to apologise for the late publishing of the magazine, we had a few technical issues that meant we could not upload the magazine to our site.

However, good things come to those who wait and we we have brought you a great issue to make up for it.

We look at how RFID is going to be playing a big part in the way that people are interacting with their environment and teams at sports competitions. This is after the technology has been successfully used at the Ryder Cup.

As wearable technology hits the headlines with Apple and Google launching their first offerings, we see why the uptake has been so poor amongst younger demographics.

After a poor season for Andy Murray, following Federer’s dissappointing 2013, is there still a Big Four in tennis? Using data we see if there is numerical answers.

With the transfer window in European soccer closing, we look at the data to analyse the bargains and steep prices paid by clubs.

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