Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 12

8 of the top minds in sports tech tell us their predictions of the next big thing


Welcome to the first issue of Sports Performance & Tech of 2015.

2014 saw our readership grow and the level of engagement with our audience increase. It was a fantastic year for us and we hope that you enjoyed the magazines during that time.

2015 has brought with it some great news as we have now created a new website that allows us to share our articles in a completely new way, making them more shareable and readable across different devices.

You can find this at

In this issue we are also looking towards to future.

We give you insights into the future of sports technologies from some of the brightest minds currently working in the area.

We also have an interview with Neil Black, the Head of Performance from British Athletics, discussing the use of analytics in track and field events and how coaches and teams can better track and communicate analysis.

Anton Willert gives us an insight into how technology has been at the driving edge of sporting performance throughout history. He also discusses how the use of analytics can help us to analyze what made certain teams a success.

We also look at several different new technologies in detail within our review section, including winter apparel for cycling from four of the biggest brands in the area.

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