Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 13

In this issue of Sports Performance & Tech we look at the Milan Lab and the use of data at the Super Bowl and the Australian Open


Welcome to the 13th edition of Sports Performance and Tech.

Two of the sporting calendar’s biggest events, the Super Bowl and the Australian Open have already passed. At both these events we saw technology being used to not only help players and coaches, but fans.

The likelihood is that we’re going see technology being used to engage fans and increase their knowledge of sport over the next 12 months.

This edition of Sports Performance and Tech will look directly as this issue.

In this issue we will look at how technology is going to do this, whilst also looking at topical issues such as doping and goal-line technology.

Simon Barton takes a look at whether Hawk Eye is a positive influence on sport or whether it’s damaging the integrity of a number of sports.

We will also look at the work of Jean Pierre Meersseman, founder of the AC Milan Lab, and how his unorthodox techniques are extending player careers.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine and that you’ve enjoyed the great sporting entertainment we’ve already seen this year.

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