Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 14

Where we talk to some of the key analytical minds in sport


Welcome to Issue 14 of Sports Performance & Tech.

We are excited to bring you this issue, packed full of the juicy insights from the Sports Analytics Innovation Summit on March 25 & 26 in London. We spent our time at the summit hearing from some of the leading minds in global sports and seeing some of the best new products currently being developed.

In addition to this, we had the chance to sit down with some of these key industry players when they weren’t on stage, getting some great interviews and gaining valuable insight into the current state of sports analytics and sports technology.

Ahead of a future issue which will focus on collaboration between sports clubs or organizations and technology companies looking to create the next big thing in sports, we asked our interviewees their thoughts on this, and included some of them in this issue.

We also have interviews with James Bunce, the Head of Sport Science at the Premier League as well as Simon Jones, Head of Performance & Innovation at Team Sky.

This issue also discusses how technology could hold the key to making the controversial 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar a success. Will it be through wearable technology, air conditioning or Big Data?

William Tubbs gives us his thoughts on why live video analysis has become so successful in many sports, but has yet to make an impact on soccer, the richest sport in the world.

Finally, as the release of the Apple Watch draws closer, we ask why the early buzz around it seems to have dissipated and what this could mean for the future of wearables.

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