Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 16

Where we investigate aerodynamics and talk to two mountain biking champions


As we are now midway through the summer, we have seen some go the most exciting sporting events take place, such as the Tour de France, Wimbledon and Copa America. We have also started many domestic soccer leagues and sports fans are assessing their teams through early season games.

We are covering all bases in this issue as we look at some of the key elements in each of these sports.

Sean Foreman investigates the technology behind the tennis at the world’s most famous tennis tournament; Wimbledon.

We also look at how sports analytics are making a considerable impact on the way that people place their bets, something that will be increasingly important in the upcoming premier league season.

Following the win by Chris Froome in the Tour de France, we talk to Robby Ketchell, the Chief Data Scientist at Team Sky. As the head of data at the most data driven team in cycling, is he the most powerful man in cycling data?

In addition to this, we investigate four new technologies that are going to have a significant impact on performances for a variety of sports and athletes.

We also talk to two world champion mountain bikers, Jerome Clementz and Tracy Moseley, about their use of technology and training techniques whilst on and off the bike. As the success of athletes is often down to mental aptitude, we look at how Steve Peters’ work has impacted on some of the most successful sports people in the world today.

At the Tour de France, athletic meetings and F1races we have seen the importance of aerodynamics. With this in mind, we have done some investigation into the potential improvements that aero-design has, including taking a look at Rapha’s new aero-jersey as a prime example.

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