Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 22

Where we look at the use of VR in sports


2016 has been a huge year for sport. We have seen the minnows of Leicester beat some of the biggest soccer teams in the world to win the Premier League, Team Sky have proven the innovation works following their Tour de France (TdF) victory, and LeBron James brought NBA playoff victory to the Cavaliers.

All this has happened despite us being only just over halfway through the year, with new sports seasons expected to start within the next two months across the world.

However, despite these amazing sporting achievements we sit at what seems like a dark time for the world. We have had some of the best loved people in the world die, ISIS has continued to commit horrific attacks across the world, and racism has begun to rear its head in political conversations. It naturally creates an anger filled, frustrated, and scared atmosphere in which we must live.

This is why we need sport. We know deep down that sports are essentially just games, but they are also a necessary escape. When we see an athlete perform something awe-inspiring, the problems of everything else around the world or in your life melt away, even if only for a fleeting moment.

Having edited this magazine for the past 4 years I have come to realize that new technologies are not just for ‘winning’, they are to create awe, success, and happiness amongst fans. Teams want success, success brings fans, and fans bring money to further this success, and the cycle continues. If a team were to act within isolation, not caring about fans, they would make no money and there would be no funding for them to achieve greatness. Through making fans happy in victory, they essentially increase their opportunities to innovate further and create more success to make the

fans even happier.

We live in a difficult time, but sport brings a light to billions of people across the world and new technologies and approaches hopefully make that light burn a little brighter.

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