Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 3

Where we look at swim stroke analysis and knowledge engineering


Welcome to this issue of Sports Performance & Technology. We have had great success from the first two issues and I want to thank everybody for sharing and sending the maga- zine through to others.

This month we have also had our second partnership with the Sports Analytics Inno- vation Summit by the Innovation Enterprise, where we had a great reception for the first ever printed version of the magazine. We also heard from some of the companies that are making waves in sports technology and we are hoping to be able to bring you some re- views and insight into these new products in the coming issues.

In this edition we have some great contribu- tions from Norman Geddes, John Barden and Richard Angus as well as reviewing the Fire- fly, which is taking athlete recovery to the next level.

As always, if you like the magazine please share it. The reason that this was created was to spread new ideas in sports analytics and this can only be done through you. 


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