Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 6

Where we discuss how to mentally prepare and muscle talent scanning


Welcome to this issue of Sports Performance & Tech.

I am very excited about this is- sue as we have, in my opinion, some of the best articles we have seen in the magazine. As well as that we also have a section based on new cycling technology, an area that is growing every day.

We also have our first column in collaboration with Sportte- We are very happy to be working with what many to consider to be the best sports technology site.

There is a fascinating article on the importance of trusting your head rather than rely- ing on technology from Neville Gaunt, CEO of Mindfit.

Kristof De Mey also reveals to us the new muscle talent scanning techniques being developed at Gent University that can help to identify peo- ple who would excel in differ- ent sports without the inva- sive and often painful biopsies that were previously needed.

Clifford Giles from CryoClinics gives us an insight into how this new technology can help with both recovery and reha- bilitation in sports.

We also hear from Jack Dow- ie who believes that the scor-

ing system in the heptathlon could be improved through looking at the data and re- sults in a different way.

There is also our cycling section where we look at various new technology, ap- parel and opinions on the current state of cycling as both an amateur and pro- fessional sport.

As always, if you like the magazine please share it. It was created to spread ideas and if you think there is something in here that somebody else would find interesting please send it along to them.

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