Sports Performance & Tech, Issue 7

Where we talk about analytics in tennis and Barcelona's data


Welcome to this issue of Sports Performance & Tech.

We are proud to bring you an issue that focusses on the spread of analytics within sports.

The use of information within sport has always been important, but as we are seeing an increase in it’s use across a variety of sports, we wanted to give an insight into how it is being used.

We discuss the ways in which FC Barcelona are integrating more data into their approach whilst continuing to promote the culture that has seen them become one of the most successful football clubs in history.

Marco Cardinale tells us about how The ASPIRE Academy are adopting analytics to improve the prospects of young Qatari athletes.

Bloomberg sports is taking a new approach to sports analytics, we talk to their President, Bill Squadron, about it’s history and how it is being used to migrate across disciplines.

In addition to this we talk to Peter Vint from the US Olympic team, Dan Petersen looks at the mental attributes of

baseball hitters and William Sands investigates the use of sprung floors in gymnastics.

These are all joined by several other exciting articles and reviews.

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