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Improving Your ROI: Digital Strategies From Coca Cola

Join Wes as he shares the strategies Coca-Cola employs in some of its most successful social marketing campaigns. From global activations, like the World Cup, to brilliant local content ideas, Wes's role allows him the insight into what works and what common practices are no longer delivering ROI.

Learn how Coca-Cola's Hub Network team monitors social conversations, analyzes data, and determines an appropriate response.  

Hear Wes describe social marketing's shift to a pay-to-play model and find out why this may be an opportunity for your brand.

Wes Finley
Global Marketing Operations Lead

Wes Finley is a Coca-Cola marketing consultant. For 6 years, Wes lead the global operations team for the Coca-Cola's social marketing network; responsible for the company’s social media platforms, including publishing, listening, analysis, topic tracking, measurement and collaboration. In January, Wes joined the AI startup Mariana in San Francisco to learn more about the intersection of machine learning and programmatic marketing.

Wes is passionate about social marketing, programmatic ad buying, big data, and artificial intelligence.

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